About GFI

Over 25 years of our global experience confirms one thing:
The best architectural work happens when you take complete charge of a project and see it through.

This literally requires that we cover the full scale of work inhouse — from architectural, interior and projection work all the way to engineering, development consultancy, ending with author and technical supervision.

After all, the project is only as good as its final execution.
​And we proudly stand by what we do. 


Ing. arch. Radoslav Grečmal and Ing. arch. Pavol Franko, boards of directors

GFI was established in 1996 by two classmates: Pavol Franko and Radoslav Grečmal. From the very beginning, the driving vision was to pursue extraordinary standards in complex, city-forming architectural projects — vision that stands to this day. Over the years, this lead to company of over 100 specialists, providing the complete inhouse capabilities to design, project and oversee construction of the most demanding projects which significantly shape public spaces.

“With major city-forming projects comes responsibility. After all, we’re changing how the world will look like for years to come. That requires not only an in-depth analysis of client’s needs and requirements, but also profound understanding of the relationship between form and functions and how the building will affect its environment and the people using it. To address that, we have a dedicated team of over 100 professionals from all the relevant fields, which enables us to lead the whole project inhouse and at the same time find the optimum balance between youthful creativity and extensive professional experience. The results then speak for themselves.

Michaela Augustovičová
Peter Bardiovský
Peter Bereš
Stanislav Beňačka
Adam Brna
László Csörgei
Miroslav Cvičela
Daniel Collinászy
Andrej Čambora
Natália Doležalová
Rastislav Dolinič
Milan Dvorský 
Jaroslav Ficek
Martin Hakoš
Dominika Hanková

Michal Hovančák
Martina Ilčíková
Martin Janáči
Peter Jurenka
Katarína Kerekešová
Veronika Klincová
Rastislav Kňava 
Martin Koiš
Peter Kotvan
Jozef Kováč
Peter Kopčák
Tomáš Kucko
Radovan Kyjovský
Martin Leňka
Marián Michalák

Tomáš Molnár
Jozef Nalepovič
Jozef Naňo
Judita Nagyová
Simona Ondrejková
Martin Orem
Veronika Ozaniaková
Daniel Paulík
Katarína Ráchelová
Braňo Rebro
Peter Richtárik
Miroslav Roháľ
Marián Sénáši
Mária Šebestová
Vojtech Škuta

Katarína Štiglicová
Paulína Šuleková
Juraj Talaš
Andrej Tibenský
Lívia Tkáčová
Lucia Trnková
Tomáš Uhrin
Jakub Ürge
Dávid Vadkerti
Jana Valachovičová